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With her sharp elegance and flawless beauty, she rocked the stage in 2008 by winning the title of Miss PTC Punjabi. Jaspinder Cheema today is known as an excellent actress. Get a quick inside story on her recent film Gelo and her marriage life with the popular TV personality, Gurjit Singh.
 How was your personal experience with the movie ‘Gelo’?
Firstly, I would like to say that the movie is based on a real life story. Secondly, I met my husband during this movie. So, Gelo is very close to my heart. I got a family through this movie so my experience was phenomenal.
 We heard Gelo was sent for International film festivals. Could you tell us where was it sent to?
Gelo has been selected in Fog Movie Fest 2016 and LIFFI 2016 out of 3,000 films worldwide.
 How was your working experience with the cast of Gelo?
The entire cast was brilliant and supportive. I had a time of my lifetime while shooting this movie. I absolutely loved working with Pavan Raj Malhotra. He is a spectacular actor, I believe.
 Punjab has been highlighted recently a lot in Udta Punjab with the drug related issues. What do you have to say about the entire incident?
I think Punjab has been glorified way too much. I haven’t watched the movie yet so I can’t comment on the story part. But otherwise I would just say that Punjab is not a bad state.
 How do you pass your time when you are free?
Before doing films, I was a theatre artist so whenever I am free, I go to a theater to watch a play or to act in any play. Also, I go to dance classes. I do something or the other when I am free.
 Tell us something about your family.
I live in a Sikh joint family. My family is filled with educationists and they are very sophisticated people. My father is the biggest backbone of my life. He supported me the most with the kind of decisions I made in life and one of which was becoming an actress.

 You recently got married to popular PTC anchor, Gurjit Singh and you met him during the shoot of Gelo. Do you think your life has changed after marriage?
I see no difference before and after marriage. My husband is the same and I am very happy and content to meet him. In fact, we are going to be a part of one more film together.


                                                          Jaspinder Cheema with husband Gurjit Singh
 Tell us about your future projects.
Well, I have one Bollywood release this year in the month of September. The movie is called Saavi and is based on a play. I want people to watch this film as it is also been selected in many film festivals.
How do you maintain your perfect physique so well even after marriage?
Earlier, I was an athlete so I know how to maintain myself. I follow a simple diet and work out every day. I don’t really do much. I just stick to the plan.
 Do you have any message for your fans?
I would like to thank all my fans for all their acceptance and appreciation. One thing that I would like to convey to them is that to accept new talents and concepts. If a movie comes out with an intelligent concept, please still watch it in the theaters. Do not boycott the film if it isn’t entertaining enough.

By Mousumi Paul 


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