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Sonam Bajwa in a Exclusive chit o chat with Mousumi Paul from Pollywood  Boxoffice – Movies Music & More… Talks about Sardaarji 2 and her future Plans.


1. You are a known face now and famous actress. How would you describe your journey into this entertainment industry?
I come from a small village. I never planned on becoming an actress. There are so many girls out there who are more talented and beautiful than me. I just dreamt of winning the Miss India Pageant, 2012 but unfortunately, I did not win that. I think god had other plans for me. I did my first movie soon after Miss India Pageant and that is how I entered into films.

2. Will we see you in any upcoming movies this year after Sardaarji 2 ? Also, are you planning to enter the Bollywood any time soon?
Well at the moment am excited for Sardaarji 2 , Bollywood is not happening for me until next year. I have one film coming in November maybe. It’s undecided as of now. Though, I would rather say that I have one film coming which is a big surprise for all my fans. I am  most excited for that one now.

3. You are one of the popular Punjabi actress right now and people love you a lot. How would you say you got your inspiration to become an actress?
Giggles. It’s weird to say this but I never planned on becoming an actress. I used to hardly watch movies. I remember asking my brother about Punjabi films and their actors. I had absolutely no idea that I would one day land into this glam industry. You know I was working when I got my name registered for Miss India Pageant,2012. I took a leave only for the Pageant show.

4. Where do you see yourself in the span of next 5 years?
I don’t know. Laughs. I might get married. The fact is that I am very simple. I am happy with whatever name I made today in the industry. I am not overambitious. I don’t strive for big films to come my way. God has already given me enough opportunities and I am very satisfied with that. So, you never know where you’ll see me in next 5 years. I might just shock you.

5. In Sardaarji 2, there are two heroines. One is you and the other is Monica Gill. How would you describe your relationship with your co actor?
Well, I maintain a very professional relationship with all the industry people. I am not friends with everyone. Monica and I never hung out. We shared a very professional bond with each other. Plus, we hardly had scenes in the movie where we both came together and acted. So, I would say I don’t really know her personally but we both respect each other for our work.


Sonam Bajwa With Diljit Dosanjh


6. This is your first film with Diljit Dosanjh. How would describe him as a person?
I had acted with him in one scene before Sardaarji 2 happened. I would just say that he is very humble and calm. Also, he is very passionate about acting. He watches everyone carefully when they are acting. He will appreciate all the actors on set and talk with everyone. He is very friendly and patient at the same time.


7. Any message for your fans out there?
I am very grateful to all my fans and their love. They have supported me for my work a lot. I just want everyone to go to the theatres and watch the film. The Punjabi industry will only grow if people start watching movies in the theatre.





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